Why you should customise your WordPress theme

WordPress is a famous CMS (Content Management System), favoured by many individuals who want an easy blogging platform and/or showcase their portfolio.

When it comes to a business or service, out-of-the-box WordPress is unlikely to fit all your needs. Customising your theme will take your website to the next level.

Here are four ways a WordPress developer could help you with your website.

1. Customise your website to fit with your Brand

Out-of-the-box WordPress has settings that allow great flexibility, including around choices of colours and fonts. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is great as it can let one’s creativity go wild as you could transform any template into a unique website. 

As a business, you need to take extra care that your website reflects your brand.

Customising your WordPress theme would allow you to only be able to choose colours, fonts and include any visual assets as defined in your brand guidelines so your website has a consistent look and feel.

2. Install and customise blocks or modules

WordPress is a tremendous open-source software. It has an amazing community of developers who maintain, improve and extend its capabilities – all with very detailed documentations.

So if there are some functionalities you’d like to have on your website that doesn’t come automatically with WordPress, chances are that someone, somewhere, has already created a plugin for it. All you would need to do is to install it, and Voila!

Some plugins can have a particular style that doesn’t go with your brand. Or a particular layout, that you’d like to change. Basically, you might want to make it your own. That would involve some development work to customise the plugin to fit with your unique needs.

3. one-on-one training and tailored support

WordPress is very well documented, and has thousands of dynamic forums where people can find support. All you need to do is find the right place for asking the right question to the right people. Easy, right? … Well not always.

The good news is that WordPress is user-friendly and most things can be figured out with a bit of searching around your dashboard. But for particular aspects, especially around customised functionalities, your WordPress developer is the best person to walk you through them and teach you how to use it. One-on-one training is the best way to help you get started on making the most of your new website.

4. set up SEO / Analytics based on your specific objectives

When you have your site ready, how would you measure its success? Installing a plugin to set up basic SEO and Google Analytics is something quite easy to do with WordPress. 

But if there are specific things you want to measure, like how many times someone has clicked on a button, you need to set up other tools like Google Tag Manager.

A WordPress theme developer could help you link your website to those analytics tool, be it an A/B testing software or a heatmap tool.

Header image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

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